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THURSDAY, March 5, 2015

Central Asia

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Tajikistan cuts airfares from Kashmir to revive ancient ties

Tajikistan is discounting fares from Srinigar in India's northernmost state to encourage travel

Friday, July 15, 2011 - Tajikistan is cutting air fares for passengers flying in from the northern Indian city of Srinigar in a bid to revive ancient ties with the region of Kashmir, the Tajik ambassador to India said on Thursday.

The Tajik republic is the first country in Central Asia that has set up a direct air link with Srinigar, capital city of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Its price cuts are aimed at boosting newly-revived direct travel between the two regions, said the Tajik ambassador to India.

“I ... am confident that our decisions will increase tourist inflow to Kashmir,” the Kashmir News Service (KNS) news agency quoted the Tajik ambassador to New Delhi, Syed Beig Saidov, as saying.

The diplomat noted that the two regions have a lot in common, particularly in matters of faith, civilization and mores.

The special prices will also allow a greater number of residents of the Indian state to visit the mausoleum of the much loved Persian Sufi poet and scholar Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamadani, he told KNS.

“Jammu and Kashmir has ancient and historic religious and cultural ties with my country which began with the visit of the Shah-e-Hamadan,” he explained.

Hamadani was very influential in spreading Islam and culture in the Kashmir valley. The 14th century-poet is buried in Khatlon, in southwest Tajikistan.

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