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THURSDAY, February 26, 2015

Central Asia

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Five Tajiks attacked by Russian skinheads near Moscow

Approximately 150 Tajik migrant workers in Russia have been attacked in the last two years

Monday, September 20, 2010 - Five Tajik citizens are in the hospital tonight after being stabbed by Russian skinheads, the Australian news service news.com.au reported on Monday.

Three of the five who were stabbed are now in critical condition.

The knifing took place in Domodedovo, a town located 22 miles south of Moscow’s city center. The town surrounds the Domodedovo International Airport, one of Moscow’s three major airports.

Attacks on migrant workers in Russia have increased in recent years, the international rights organization Human Rights Watch reported last year. Workers from Asia and Africa have sustained the bulk of the attacks. Russia announced earlier this month that migrant workers numbered around 4 million, while 80 percent come from the former Soviet republics, the Russian news service RIA Novosti reported in February.

Over 300 migrant workers from Tajikistan have lost their lives since 2008 while working in Russia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) reported in April. Though most have succumbed to either accidents on the work site or natural illnesses, over 150 have fallen victim to skinhead attacks.

Tajik workers last year sent home $1.7 million in remittances from their wages in Russia, the Migration Information organization reported, which is a significant drop from the approximately $2.5 million sent home in 2008.

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