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FRIDAY, February 27, 2015

Terms of Use

Universal Newswires (Universal) operates an internet-based news and information service providing paid and free access to text, video and still images on the Universal website and newswires (referred to collectively as “Universal Products”). All paid and free use of Universal Products is governed by the following Terms of Use.

By purchasing or using Universal Products, you represent that you understand the Terms of Use, accept the Terms of Use and assume all risk related to the use of Universal Products.

The Terms of Use will be periodically updated. All Universal users are responsible for reviewing and accepting the most current version. Continued use of Universal Products will be deemed to be acceptance of any periodic changes to the Terms of Use.

If you do not agree or are unable to comply with the Terms of Use, please do not use Universal Products.

Universal reserves the right to seek all remedies under the law for violations of these Terms of Use. Universal may terminate agreements with paying Universal newswire subscribers at any time without notice with a full refund of unused subscription fees.

Universal grants paid newswire subscribers the right to copy and download for commercial and non-commercial use Universal newswire and website text. Universal subscribers may not acquire additional rights, copyright, licenses, intellectual property, patents or trademarks on Universal newswire or website text.

All users who purchase videos or images are granted permission to download and copy those videos and images for commercial or non-commercial use. Video and image purchasers are prohibited from acquiring additional rights, copyright, licenses, intellectual property, patents or trademarks on those videos or images.

Universal grants non-paying website users the right to access the Universal website to read, download and copy website text for non-commercial purposes only. All users who do not purchase video or images are prohibited from using Universal website text, video or images for commercial purposes.

Universal logos, design or software elements may not be reused by any Universal user. All Universal materials are protected by copyright and other applicable laws.

All Universal Products are for information purposes only. Universal and its affiliates accept no liability for incomplete or inaccurate material nor any actions or results generated by reliance on Universal or Universal Products.

Universal accepts paid advertising and provides links to non-Universal entities. Universal does not endorse any paid advertiser or entity linked from the Universal website or newswire. All Universal users interact with advertisers and linked entities at their own risk. Universal accepts no liability for actions or results involving advertisers or linked entities.

Universal users may provide a hypertext link to the Universal website under the following conditions only: A) the link sends the user directly to a Universal page on www.UniversalNewswires.com, such as www.centralasianewswire.com, and not to a frame within the linking website. B) the link is clearly and predominantly marked “Universal Newswires.” C) the link does not give the impression that the linking entity is sponsored by or associated with Universal. D) the link is displayed in a way that will not damage Universal’s positive reputation. E) Universal reserves the right to revoke for any reason its consent to link to the Universal website or its affiliates.

Universal products (excluding linked sites) originate from Universal headquarters in London, United Kingdom and all matters related to the use of Universal Products are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. By using Universal Products, all users and Universal agree that all matters arising in respect to that use fall within the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts of the United Kingdom.

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